Organisational Structure


The affairs of IES shall be managed by a body to be called “The Council” which shall be the governing body of IES.

The Council shall consist of such members of IES holding such qualifications to be elected or nominated in such manner and to hold office for such periods and on such terms as to re-election or re-nomination and otherwise as may be prescribed hereunder. Members of the Council shall not be paid or receive any remuneration or fees for acting as such and no Member of the Council shall be appointed to any salaried office of IES or any office of the IES paid by fees, The Council Members shall be the persons domiciled and residing in Singapore. 

The Council’s interpretation of “domiciled and residing” shall be final.
The Council in any year shall consist of:

The President
One Deputy President*
Five Vice-Presidents*
21 General Members including
The Honorary Secretary
The Assistant Honorary Secretary
The Honorary Treasurer
The Assistant Honorary Treasurer


*For the first year of the President’s two-year term, there will be 6 Vice-Presidents and no Deputy President*

In the event of vacancies, not more than 3 of the 21 General Members may be co-opted by the Council. The co-opted General Members shall hold office for a period of one session only.

In addition, not more than 3 of the Past Presidents, including the Immediate Past President, and 4 other General Members may be appointed by the Council.

In addition, Council may appoint any number of Past Presidents of IES as Honorary Council Members. The Honorary Council Members shall participate in Council Meetings but shall not have voting rights on Council resolutions.


IES operations are supported by a full time Secretariat. The secretariat reports to the Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer who together supervise the day-to-day running of the Institution and its financial affairs.


All Council Members chair the 26 committees which carry out the activities of IES with the support of the Secretariat and Committee Members.


Council Members
Honorary Fellows
IES Constitution