IES/GeoSS Piling Personnel for SAC CT31 & CT32 Registry


IES/GeoSS Piling Personnel for SAC CT31 & CT32 Registry

About the Piling Personnel for SAC CT31 & CT32 Certification Scheme

The purpose of certification of Specialist Builders for Piling Works is to ensure the installation process of specialist piling works conforms to standards or other normative documents and/or general requirements.

The field of specialist piling works covers installation of various types of piled foundations and retaining wall comprising of piles. This piling specialists’ certification is to ensure the piling specialists have acquired the competency and resources (manpower and machinery), and for them to follow the appropriate procedures or methods to install piles with good quality and durability.

The Specialist Builders’ personnel shall be suitably qualified and have sufficient relevant experience in their scope of piling works.

Specialist Builders’ personnel must be familiar with the relevant standards or codes used in the piling works. The Technical Managers, Piling Engineers and Piling Supervisors are required to attend the relevant training courses and pass the test
to be Certified Piling Personnel (CPP) prior to the application for certification to CB by their Specialist Builders (Piling Works). Specialist Builders shall maintain records of key personnel’s qualifications, training, and experience.

The certification of Specialist Builder for Piling Works and are to be used with ISO/IEC 17065 and the applicable IAF Guidance.

The objective of the scheme is to give confidence that the installation/piling works complies with the relevant execution of special geotechnical works and customer/project specifications. It involves the assessment of quality and process control system of the specialist builder in executing supervision, monitoring, and appropriate product testing in ensuring conformity with the requirements in this document.


Please note that your application will be rejected if:

  • Additional supporting documents are not provided to IES within one (1) month from the submission of your application.

  • IES reserves the right to not disclose any remarks pertaining to the submitted project details and practical work experience.


Registration Charges
Application Fee (one-time, non-refundable) $54.50
Subscription Fee (for full period of registration, if application is successful) $130.80
(Registration period:
2 years)


Committee Structure
  • Er. David Ng (IES)
  • Dr Muthusamy Karthikeyan (GeoSS)
  • Er. Lily Yeo (IES)
  • Er. Lew Geok Theng Michelle (GeoSS)
  • Ms Siti Syahirah (IES)
  • Ms Ang Chai Hoon (IES)

For enquiries, please email to

For registration of Piling course, please contact the following: