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The ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisation (AFEO) brings together national engineering organisations from ASEAN countries as national members.

It was founded in 1980 and the Secretariat is rotated among member organisations hosting the annual Conference of the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisations (CAFEO).

The permanent Treasurer of AFEO is The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur.

The AFEO Governing Board at their meeting in Manila on 23rd November 1998 had agreed on the formation of the ASEAN Engineering Register (AER) hereafter referred to as the “Register”.

The AER Secretariat was set up on 3rd September 2002.

Since 23rd October 2003, a permanent AFEO Secretariat has also been established.

The objectives of the Register are as follows: 
  • To promote recognition of ASEAN engineers within and outside ASEAN;
  • To safeguard and promote the professional interests of engineers;
  • To foster high standards of formation and professional practice and regularly review them;
  • To promote cultural and professional links among members of the engineering profession within ASEAN;
  • To enhance the wealth of ASEAN countries;
  • To provide sufficient data regarding the formation of an individual engineer for the benefit of prospective employers;
  • To encourage a continuous updating of the quality of engineers by setting, monitoring and reviewing standards.
  • In pursuit of these aims, AFEO shall maintain the Register into which individuals may be admitted provided they meet the specified minimum requirements.
  • Bigger market for expertise
  • Better employment prospects.
  • Greater avenue for sharing of knowledge, expertise and technology.
  • Increased related business potential.
  • Wider networking and strategic alliances.
  • More potential for research and development.
Education and professional systems in the various ASEAN countries vary considerably. Their values are judged by the potential competence of the engineer who emerges from them. However, differing systems can co-exist.
A description of the potential competences expected by AFEO is given below:
  • A thorough knowledge of the principles of engineering, based on mathematics, physics and informatics, appropriate to their discipline;
  • A general knowledge of good engineering practice in their field of engineering and the properties, behaviour, fabrication and use of materials, components and software;
  • Knowledge of the use of technologies relevant to their field of specialisation;
  • Use of technical information and statistics;
  • The ability to develop and use theoretical models from which the behaviour of the physical world can be predicted;
  • A capacity to exercise independent technical judgments through scientific analysis and synthesis;
  • An ability to work on multi-disciplinary projects;
  • Knowledge of industrial relations and the principles of management, taking into account technical, financial and human considerations;
  • Skills in communication, both oral and written, including the ability to write clear reports;
  • An ability to apply the principles of good design in the interest of ease of manufacture and maintenance, and quality at economical cost;
  • An active appreciation of the progress of technical changes and of the continuing need not to rely solely on established practices but to cultivate an attitude of innovation and creativity in the exercise of the profession of engineering;
  • An ability to assess conflicting and multifarious factors (e.g. cost, quality, safety and  time-scale) both in the short and long terms and to find the best engineering solution;
  • An ability to provide for environmental considerations;
  • The capacity to mobilise human resources;
  • Fluency in one other language apart from the mother tongue. 



The ASEAN Engineering Register Secretariat
C/o The Institution of Engineers Malaysia
Bangunan Ingenieur
Lot 60 & 62, Jalan 52/4
PO Box 223 (Jalan Sultan)
46720 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 603- 7968 4001 / 4002 | Fax: 603-7957 7678



Updated 8 November 2018