Objectives of IES/ ACES Qualified Erosion Control Professional

  1. To establish a list of registered IES / ACES qualified erosion control professional (QECPs) for the use by the construction industry.
  1. To enable the construction industry to recognize the quality design work carried out by professionals who have undergone the accredited 10 weeks training and who also have the necessary experience in erosion and sediment control for construction sites in Singapore. This will inspire the construction industry to improve the level of professional knowledge in environmental engineering in time to come.
  1. To assist the QECP towards achieving better quality and standards of earth control measures (ECM) through continuing education and training.


Qualifying Criteria for QECP


1. A copy of your IES Membership certificate

2. A Copy of a valid Practising Certificate issued under Professional Engineers Act Chapter 253

3. A copy of Certificate of Completion of Professional Course on Erosion Control organised by IES-ACES not more than 2 years

4. A copy of a minimum academic qualification of degree in Civil Engineering

1. A Copy of a valid Practising Certificate issued under Professional Engineers Act Chapter 253

2. Document proof of attainment of a minimum of 6 points of Continuing Professional Development Unit (CPDU) on soil erosion

3. Document proof of Unstructured Activity (e.g. Self-study / reading on soil erosion) which qualifies for 2 PDU(QECP)

1. Application fee: $54.50 w.e.f. 1 Jan 2024 (inclusive of 9% GST). This is applicable only to the new applicant.

2. Subscription fee: $65.80 per annum w.e.f. 1 Jan 2024 (inclusive of 9% GST).

3. Fee payable to “IEH-ACESing Joint Registry”


Registration No (if any) must be quoted in all correspondence and application is to be submitted personally or by post to:

Qualified Erosion Control Professional Registry

c/o The Institution of Engineers, Singapore

70 Bukit Tinggi Road Singapore 289758

ECM Registry Committee
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