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IES Virtual Classroom - Safety & Your Legal Obligations 1st Run - Registration Closed

20th Jan 2021
1:00PM - 5:15PM -

STU (Safety) 2

Pre-requisites : Prior to attending this course, you should:

·  Have a PC / laptop / tablet / smart phone with built-in or external webcam.

·  Installed the zoom client.

·  Have Wi-Fi / high speed internet connection available.

·  Receive an email with a link for you to submit a registration for webinar 1 week prior to the commencement.

·  Receive an email with a link and password for you to join the webinar session after your registration is successful.

Title: IES Virtual Classroom - Safety & Your Legal Obligations 1st Run


Get a refresher on the safety related statutory duties imposed on RE/RTOs and PEs under the Building Control Act and Regulations

Learn about the latest amendments to the Building Control Act 2020 Understand how to mitigate and manage the requirements of the Building Control Act
Learn about your construction related tortious duties under the common lawUnderstand how to mitigate and manage the legal standards under the common law

Course Outline/Outcomes

As professionals and business men, you are used to risk taking in projects and at the work place. As risky as it is doing the design for a 40 storey mega project, practitioners are sometimes faced with a different type of risk: LEGAL DUTIES

This module will equip participants with the necessary tools to understand and manage the safety standards and risks imposed on them under the law

1.      Building Control Act & 2020 Amendments

a.      Building Control Regulations 2003

b.      Building Control (Temporary Buildings) Regulations

c.       Building Control (Inspection of Building) Regulations

          i.      Statutory duties imposed on RE/RTOs

          ii.      Statutory duties imposed on PEs

          iii.      Penalties and Consequences

          iv.      Mitigating circumstances 


2.      Common law duties on safety

a.      Law of negligence – latest developments

b.      Law of confidentiality

c.       Law on corruption

d.      Changing legal standards 



Ms Sangeetha Pusphanathan was called to the Singapore Bar in 2008 (Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore) after obtaining her law degree from the National University of Singapore in 2007 and also making it to the top 20 of the bar exams. She was also awarded the F.A. Chua Prize for the best student in criminal procedure during the bar exams.

She is currently working as a data privacy lawyer for a multi-national European company. Formerly, she held the role of Deputy General Counsel and was employed with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) where she has advised on and reviewed building control laws, prosecuted building control offences, and involved in legislative amendments to several BCA legislation. She also has private sector experience in both the petrochemical industry as well as banking and financial sector. 

With her sound knowledge of local laws, she conducted annual core competency legal training workshops for 6 years straight in BCA for engineers and staff on various aspects.

In her free time, Sangeetha hosts events and forums. 

Her natural vibrant personality, cheerful disposition and bevy of examples keep her workshops engaging, fun and a mark above the rest!

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UTAP - Pending for Approval 

SFC - This course is NOT SFC supported


2 STU(Safety) - Confirmed

4 PDU - Confirmed


Karen Phua

Coordinator Contact 

6463 9211

Coordinator Email

1. This is a VIRTUAL CLASSROOM LEARNING using Zoom Webinar

2. For payment via Cheque, should be made payable to "Engineers Singapore Pte Ltd" and maill to 80 Jurong East Street 21, #04-10, Devan Nair Institute For Employment and Employability, Singapore 609607

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