Engineering Expert Panel



The use of engineering experts in both litigation and arbitration is increasing with more arbitrators and courts opting to appoint engineering experts to assist in complex and technical matters.  With this in view, the Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) is forming an Engineering Expert Panel (EEP) to respond to the calls of assistance from the community and is intended to be a service to the community.  This will also promote IES as the national body of engineers and at the same time enhance our image as a learned society.


  • A Member of the EEP is a person who, by virtue of his or her extensive or specialized experience or knowledge of a particular branch or area of engineering, is capable of providing expert opinions on specific aspects of a project.  In addition, applicants should meet the following criteria:

  • either a Fellow of the IES, or a Senior Member of the IES who has been  a Member of the IES for at least 15 years; and

  • have attended a prescribed expert witness course and training organised by the IES or have sufficient experience acting as an expert witness.

  • Any person who meets the above requirements, but is not registered with the Professional Engineers Board (PEB) may also apply.

The IES has set up a Monitoring Committee to administer the EP scheme.  The composition of the Monitoring Committee can be found from the IES website.

          please click on link for details >>>>>>> our Committee list

          The roles of the Monitoring Committee are to:

  1. develop and maintain an assessment system to admit qualified persons on   the Register of Engineering Experts;

  2. assess applications for admission as a Member of the EEP;

  3. maintain the Register of Engineering Experts, which will also act as resource persons to the IES;

  4. audit continuing compliance by Members of EEP with the conditions of registration;

  5. investigate and resolve any complaints against Members of EEP;

  6. develop training and continual development programmes for Members of EEP

Registration Fee Annual Subscription Fee
$107 (Non-Refundable) $107*

*incl. 7% GST
Cheques to be crossed and made payable to:  'Engineers Singapore Pte Ltd'

A Member of the EEP may be called upon to:

a. provide services as an expert witness in a court of law or arbitration tribunal;

b. serve as a resource person to IES;

c. provide service when an independent expert opinion is required.

When the EEP MC receives a request for an Expert  Witness to provide expert engineering opinion, the MC will not recommend a particular member of the EEP, but it may provide a list of suitable EEP members for consideration by the requesting party.



EEP Monitoring Committee
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