Chartered Engineering Technician and Technologist

The Chartered Engineering Technologist and Technician is a certification scheme that provides professional recognition for engineering technologists and technicians to enhance their career progression opportunities.

The Chartered Engineering Technologist and Technician Accreditation Board (CETTAB) oversees this certification scheme. This is a multi-stakeholder organisation led by IES which constitutes members from the relevant government agencies, non-government organisations, industry and business community. The scheme aims to support broader sector-focused strategies in the Industry Transformation Maps to enhance Singapore’s economic competitiveness. It also supports the Skills Framework in promoting recognition of mastery in technical competencies and fostering a culture of lifelong learning.

This is one of the key pillars in IES to build an inclusive engineering community where a practising engineering technologist or technician can aspire to become a Chartered Engineer, progressing through the academic and/or the non-academic pathway.

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