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IES Virtual Classroom - Welding/Cutting Processes and Safety in Confined Space 2nd Edition 4th Run - SOLD OUT

13th - 14th Apr 2021
1:00PM - 6:30PM -

STU (Safety) 2
STU (Structural) 6
PDU (PEB) 10
PDU (CEng) 10




Prior to attending this course, you should:

·         Have a PC / laptop / tablet / smart phone with built-in or external webcam.

·         Installed the zoom client

·         Have Wi-Fi / high speed internet connection available.

·         Receive an email with a link for you to submit a registration for webinar 1 week prior to the commencement.

·         Receive an email with a link and password for you to join the webinar session after your registration is successful.


Part 1: Welding and Cutting Processes


The course discuss the different types of welding and cutting processes. The course will covers the principle and advantages/ limitations of each welding and cutting process

It is essential that the Resident Engineer (RE) and Resident Technical Officer (RTO)  who are involved in construction should be familiarise with different welding and cutting processes available to the fabricators. Increasingly, more fabricators are seeking to adopt innovative welding technology to enhance efficiency and productivity. Participants will be briefed on some upcoming welding technology which may be used in the Prefabricated Pre-Volumetric Construction

Course Outline: 

1.     Shielded metal arc welding                                

2.      Gas metal arc welding

3.      Flux cored arc welding

4.      Gas tungsten arc welding

5.      Submerged arc welding

6.      Plasma arc welding/cutting

7.      Resistance welding

8.      Electroslag welding               

9.      Stud welding

10.    Oxyacetylene welding

11.    Oxyfuel cutting

12.    Air carbon arc cutting

13.    Plasma arc cutting


Part II: Safe Entry & Work in Confined Spaces


Confined space work is one of the most serious of all workplace hazards but is also one that is often under-estimated. The unfortunate reality is that many stakeholders and workers do not fully understand the hazards and the risks that are “hidden” in confined spaces until actual entry and work needs to be performed in them. The objective of this module is to inculcate and raise awareness in participants (especially Resident Engineers, Resident Technical Officers and Resident Architects) on the hazards of confined space entry and work that are present in construction sites. This will enable them to understand the control measures that are implemented onsite to mitigate confined space hazards. Their perspectives will be enhanced through the sharing of legal and other requirements on confined space entry and work as well as accident case studies.

 Course Outline/Outcomes:

This module will equip RE/RTOs (QSS) with the necessary WSH knowledge (including legal and other requirements) for their course of work.


1.     Definitions of confined spaces and examples of confined spaces

2.     Common confined space hazards onsite

3.     Lessons learnt from past confined space accidents / case studies

4.     Legal and other requirements relevant to confined space entry and work

5.     Good practices and control measures for confined space entry and work

6.     Risk management and risk assessment

7.     Permit to work system for confined space entry and work

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Supported  By: 

1. UTAP (Union Training Assistance Programme) - Approved

2. SFC(SkillsFuture Credit) - Approval (Course Code: TGS-2021002484)


2 STU(Safety) & 6 STU(Structural) - To Be Confirmed

10 SDU -To Be Confirmed

10  PDU - To Be Confirmed

Coordinator Karen Phua
Coordinator Contact 6463 9211
Coordinator Email

1. Fee inclusive of GST & e-Course Materials

2. e-Certificate of Attendance will be given to PAID participants with 100% attendance.

3. If payment via Cheque, should be made payable to "IES Academy Pte Ltd" and mail to 80 Jurong East Street 21, #04-10, Devan Nair Institute For Employment and Employability, Singapore 609607

4. Limited Seats Only - Please register early to avoid Disappointment





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