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IES Virtual Classroom - Legal Duty and Negligence of Site Supervisors 24th Run

2nd Nov 2020
9:00AM - 12:30PM -

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STU (Structural) 3

The Court of Appeal in its written decision on 20 January 2011 held that a site supervisor (then known as clerk of works) owes a duty of care to the developer or owner of project and is therefore directly liable for negligence. As reported, the said site supervisor was subsequently ordered to pay S$26.5 Million compensation.

This is a very significant development in law involving specifically RTOs & Res. In fact, the Court of Appeal itself had said that this appears to be the first time this role (site supervisor) has arisen for consideration in the Singapore courts. Therefore this decision is equally, very significant to RTOs & REs as this is the highest court of Singapore which ruled that a site supervisor carrying out his work can be directly liable for losses! Hence it is important that all site supervisors should know about their duty of care and possible liability for damages as well as how to contain such risks of liability.

This course is timely and will be useful to REs & RTOs as well as Engineers and other Technical professionals with foreign qualifications, as well as to local graduates too, and others who wish to acquire an essential knowledge of &/or be updated on the law behind the duty of care and negligence. It is even more beneficial in that the trainer in this course, who is an engineer-lawyer, has been involved in this case when it was first heard in the High Court, as he was the lawyer for one of the parties. The trainer will share the background of the case, the principles of law involved and suggested checklist and guidelines as to how to mitigate if not avoid such possible liabilities.

IES Virtual Classroom


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