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Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in Transportation (2 PDUs Approved for PE Board and IES CEngs)

25th Sept 2020
3:00PM - 5:30PM -

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PDU (CEng) 2

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Transportation

2 PDUs for PEs and CEngs (Approved)

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a game changer in many sectors including transportation. From helping cars, trains, ships and aeroplanes to function autonomously to making traffic flows smoother.  AI is playing an important role in numerous transportation fields.

This Webinar is organised by the Outreach Sub-Committee of the IES Railway and Transportation Engineering Technical Committee that cover various topics on how artificial intelligence has helped transportation progression today and future.

1.      Big Data Video Analytics for Traffic Management

         By Professor Chan Kap Luk, Chief Scientist of Xjera Labs Pte Ltd

Traffics, be it human or vehicular, are continuous daily activities generating huge amount of sensory data including  video data due to the ubiquitous installations of such devices. These are truly big data which conveys a lot of information across social and economic dimensions. Big data video analytics aims to extract such information using deep machine learning and data mining techniques. It analyses  observed visual data and events to reveal their latent semantics. The analytics allow better understanding of human activities and behaviours, facilitates traffic management and future urban developments. Examples of such analytics include traffic flow, congregation, driving behaviour, just to name a few. By leveraging on the latest development of cloud-based accelerated AI computing platform, it allows for faster and closer to real time analytics which is not only for future urban development but also on-demand instant traffic management.  

2a.    Safety for Intelligent Transportation 

          By Mr. Tan Yi Shu, CEO & Co-Founder of Whyre Pte. Ltd/ Dr. Teo Tee Hui, Senior Lecturer, SMT-EPD, SUTD / PI of Whyre Pte. Ltd.

Transportation is the heart of society in which civilizations are powered. As our transportation system evolve over the centuries and with the development of more roads and facilities, traffic conditions are comparably worsened with more congestion points. With road accidents being one of the top 10 causes of deaths globally, road safety has become a key focus in minimizing fatalities every year. This talk aims to share with participants some advances in edge technologies that can potentially aid in safer driving on our roads.

2b.   The use of Artificial Intelligence Of Things (AIoT) for Autonomous Vehicles

         Dr. Tan Yen Kheng, Industrial Chair of IEEE Singapore Section & CEO of Printed Power Singapore

AIoT is used today into autonomous vehicles. Tesla's autopilot systems is an example that use radars, sonars, GPS, and cameras to gather data about driving conditions and then an AI system to make decisions about the data the internet of things devices are gathering. The talk is to share about some works in using IoT with AI to resolve fatigue driving, unusual driving behaviour, etc. and to explore with the audiences on the other possible applications.

3.      Security and Stability of Domain Controller and its Operating System for Self-Driving Vehicles on Industrial


         Dr. Song Zhi Wei, CEO and Founder of Singpilot Pte. Ltd

Industrial applications require that the vehicle serves 24x7x365 except of the charging time. The domain controller for self-driving on the industrial vehicle shall be designed and implemented with high stability against harsh working conditions in hardware as well as the software including the operating system and the AI algorithms. The overall design principles and a practical approach will be presented in this talk to a secure and stable domain controller for the self-driving industrial vehicle.

4.      Secured IoT & AI Applications in Public Transportation System

         By Mr CK Vishwakarma, CEO and Founder of AllThings Connected

Public transportation system is a fundamental infrastructure for any city to help move citizens from point A to point B safely. While many cities are leveraging the innovations by adopting sharing infrastructures such as grab and uber of the world, but to move the masses efficiently public transportation is still the best and most cost-effective approach. While public transportation comes with several challenges in terms of efficiency, productivity, and infrastructure optimization, innovations in IoT,  AI communications technologies helps to address many of those challenges. In this talk, CK will share the practical application and use cases, and how the organizations shall look into cybersecurity and privacy issues at large while building advanced and intelligent public transportation infrastructure and adopt digital technologies.


Professor Chan Kap Luk, Chief Scientist of Xjera Labs Pte Ltd

Dr Chan Kap Luk is the Chief Scientist of Xjera Labs Pte Ltd. Singapore. Dr Chan graduated with a PhD in Robot Vision from Imperial College, University of London, UK, in 1991. From 1992 to 2015 he was a lecturer and then an associate professor in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. During this period, he conducted research in computer vision and application of machine learning, especially in areas of color and texture image analysis, content-based image retrieval using machine learning, video surveillance and biomedical image analysis for computer aided diagnosis and prognosis. From 2015 onwards, he has been working in industry in several capacity such as, director of technology, director of AI centre, just to name a few, in local companies and overseas.

Mr. Tan Yi Shu, CEO & Co-Founder of Whyre Pte. Ltd

Mr Tan Yi Shu started Whyre Pte. Ltd. back in 2017 as its Chief Executive Officer. Specializing in electrical and electronics system design, Yi Shu led Whyre to launch its first product, the Argon Transform, which aims to increase the blind-spot awareness of motorcyclists. The Argon Transform has since been fully funded on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Yi Shu’s contributions led the start-up to raise its first private equity pre-seed round that valued the company at S$2M. This process equipped him with valuable knowledge on the product design and commercialisation process. Yishu is also pursuing his Master of Engineering where he researches on edge technologies that can enhance road safety, and actively seeks to bring out the value in each concept and/or product designed. With a shift in the technological landscape, Yi Shu is currently deepening his expertise in the cybersecurity sector.

Dr. Tan Yen Kheng, Industrial Chair of IEEE Singapore Section & CEO of Printed Power Singapore

Dr. Tan is an amateur 3rd generation businessman with a portfolio of invested companies, an educator that profess to young minds cum a researcher with practical discoveries and inventions, and, an engineering professional in practice for more than 20 years. Be open-minded, listen and embrace ideas, and, show empathy in whatever way possible has been my formula to make the world a better place to be in. 

Dr. Teo Tee Hui, Senior Lecturer, SMT-EPD, SUTD / PI of Whyre Pte. Ltd.

Dr. T. Hui Teo graduated with Master of Engineering and Ph.D. from National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological Univsersity in 2000 and 2009 respectively in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

Since 1996, he was with Sharp, ST-Microelectronics, Intelligent Micro-Devices (Matsushita), and etc. as a senior Integrated Circuits (IC) designer, prior joining Institute of Microelectronics, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore as principle investigator in advanced IC design R&D. In 2010, he joined education sector for setting up both Analog and Digital IC design courses and laboratories for Technical University of Munich, Asia. He is currently with Singapore University of Technology and Design.

His research interest are IC design, device characterization & modelling and design science education. T. Hui is a Senior Member of IEEE, and Fellow of IES (Institution of Engineers Singapore).

Dr. Song Zhi Wei, CEO and Founder of Singpilot Pte. Ltd

Dr. Song Zhiwei specializes in technologies for robotics and autonomous vehicle. He received his B.E degree from Special Class for Gifted Youth (SCGY), University of Science and Technology of China in 2001, and Ph.D in computer science from Department of Computer Science and Technology, University of Science and Technology of China in 2006. He started his robotics R&D since he won the champion in the First RoboCup Competition of China in 1999, when he was an undergraduate student. Since then, he developed many robots and won many awards, such as an 1.4 meter tall two-legged humanoid robot which won the 2nd place of Humanoid Adult-Size Robot in RoboCup 2010. He was the key developer of the Singapore first autonomous vehicle prototype in A*STAR, which Prime Minister Lee rode in October 2015. Recently, he founded a startup company, SingPilot, working on autonomous vehicle technology development for industrial logistics and services as well as public transportation.

Mr CK Vishwakarman, CEO and Founder of AllThings Connected

CK is a senior Business Strategy, and Digital Transformation leader with extensive international experience in solutions architecture, program management, and business process transformation. As a CEO- AllThingsConnected, Founder IoTSG, CK works with organizations crafting their Digital Transformation and IoT solutions strategy and implementation frameworks.

CK conducts business & technology research and has spoken at 100+ leadership forums, and prestigious international conferences. He advises senior leaders on how advanced technologies can prime enterprises for the future. He has created practical strategies, and frameworks on how the traditional methods of operational technologies can be integrated with emerging technologies for the successful acceleration, implementation of digital initiatives for the organisations to remain relevant and sustain in the future. CK has successfully led and managed multimillion USD complex system and solutions integration projects in industrial IoT and broadcast & media technologies.

CK earned his Bachelor of Technology degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, and a Master of Technological Design, Mechatronics from National University of Singapore. He lives with his family in Singapore, and travels extensively in Asia, managing different cultures & dynamics



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