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Innovation in Design and Construction (6 STUs - Structural / 8 PDUs (All Approved)

30th Nov 2018
8:30AM - 5:30PM -


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(6 STUs(Structural)  / 8 PDUs (All Approved)



The threat of terrorism in Singapore is at an unprecedented high level in recent years. The Infrastructure Protection Act is passed in Oct 2017 and requires Security By Design for Special Building and Infrastructure. There is an imperative for more effective mitigation measures against bomb attacks. The speaker would present blast protection measures and recent innovations.



This lecture tackles Additive Manufacturing as production method for architectural applications. Five projects investigate different aspects of this concept and serve as case studies. While in all projects focus on space frame structures various 3D-printing materials and techniques are studies and different scales, from furniture to big scale installations are achieved, demonstrating the versatility and additivity of 3D-printing as an emergent fabrication method for architecture and structural design.



The current design codes for the composite steel reinforced concrete (SRC) beams and columns are only applicable to normal strength materials. In Eurocode 4, only limited concrete grades C20/25 to C50/60 and steel grades S235 to S460 are allowed to be used, while on the other hand, it is permissible to use much higher strength concrete grade (up to C90/105) in Eurocode 2 and S690 steel grade in Eurocode 3. In this presentation, a design method is proposed to utilize the full strength of the high performance steel grade up to S690 and concrete grade up to C90 for the SRC columns, taking into account the effect of strain-compatibility and lateral confinement. The same high performance steel and concrete grades can also be used to form the SRC beams and together, they formed a new innovative SRC structural framing system which will be very suitable for use in heavy industrial buildings. The key advantage of using such high performance materials is to reduce the size of the structural elements considerably especially for the SRC columns, thereby freeing up valuable floor space as well as to facilitate safer and more productive construction.



These days, corporate activities are closely scrutinized for environmental awareness.  In the field of building materials, there is also a need for selection of more environmentally friendly and clean products as well as reliable quality and performance to support construction. For protection against fire, fire proofing blanket is an innovative method which the blanket is lightweight, dry and thin workable structure makes it possible for this material to support applications that are difficult with conventional methods, while at the same time maintaining an eco-friendly concept all the way through the process.

Makibee Blanket are prefabricated off-site and can be assembled on-sit rapidly with less manpower.  It is lighter in weight than concrete and therefore requires small foundation.  It is therefore more productive than application of cementitious fireproofing spray.

Makibee can work parallel with M&E Work thus shorten the building construction time.



It is well documented that the construction industry has a significant productivity opportunity through the rapid digital disruption and transformation that is currently occurring. An example of this, is utilising digital tools that allow us to undertake parametric modelling in real time to help drive early design decisions, and improve overall design outcomes. In this talk, we explore some of the parametric modelling tools that industry is adopting to allow Façade parameters to be optimised in real time, and how this will impact building performance, benefit the overall design process, and ultimately bring greater value to project outcomes and clients. With an ever increasing accountability on sustainable design, and disclosure of building performance, we need to ensure that we are optimising our value propositions in this space.   


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