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UVGI for HVAC Applications

13th Apr 2022
3:00PM - 5:00PM -

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This webinar will offer you valuable  insight to help users ensure accuracy of  the Heating, Ventilation, and Air  Conditioning (HVAC) system designed.

It will also highlight the common  problem of HVAC’s deteriorating  performance in the absence of UV-C  lamps and the benefits when such  lamps are used.


UVGI for HVAC – Sizing of UV-C Lamps to Desired  Dosage

The topic covers some of the NEA’s technical advisory on the use of Air  Cleaning Technologies to mitigate the aerosol transmission risks of COVID-  19, focussing on the application of UV-C lamps (similar to ASHRAE’s  guidelines).

This technical talk will focus on sizing of UV-C lamps required to meet the  desired specified dosage (1500 microwatt S/cm2 or 15 J/m2), taking into  account, the location of the UVC lamps installation, the lamp cooling effects  and their characteristics such as lamp power (UV Power/ UVC watts).

As the UV-C lamps are usually installed inside the Air Handling Unit, the  operating conditions of the AHU are also important to note, such as  temperature, velocity and the internal width height and length (unblocked) of  the AHU.

The technical talk explains the co relation between UV-C lamps and  operating conditions of the AHU which affects the number of UV-C lamps  required to meet the specified UV-C dosage, following the methodology in  the UVGI Handbook, authored by Prof. Waldy Kowalski.

Effects of UVGI on Cooling Coil and Sizing of UV-C  Lamps

This topic highlights the common problem of HVAC system, in particular  mould, fungi and surface microbes infesting the cooling coil surfaces  resulting in the inefficiency of the Air Handling System in meeting designed  temperature and air capacity.

Using the UVGI Handbook as a guide, the technical talk focuses on the  benefits of installing UV-C lamps, the method of installation, UV-C lamp  sizing criteria and the operating conditions of the AHU required to meet the  desired Mean UV-C irradiation or intensity (striking the cooling coil).


About the Speaker

Francis Lee is the Founding Director and General Manager at Airverclean Pte Ltd, which has a subsidiary in  Malaysia (Airverclean M Sdn. Bhd.).

A pioneer in Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) System in Singapore, Francis has over 30 years of  experience in the sale, marketing and designing of electrostatic air cleaners for kitchen exhaust and Air  Handling Unit applications. Since 2003, after the SARS outbreak and under the tutelage of the late Mr.  Forrest Fencl (ASHRAE Fellow & Distinguished Lecturer in UVGI in the early 2000s), he has also been  actively involved in the sizing and designing of UVGI system for microbial control on AHUs’ cooling coil for  coil surface disinfection and supply ducts for air disinfection.

Key projects that Francis has managed include several SMRT projects, such as the Downtown Line and  Thomson Lines 1 to 5, GIC @ Capital Tower, as well as those at Marina Bay Sands Casino and Convention  Centres, Singapore Expo Halls, AMK Hub, NEA Building, ST Micro and Changi Terminal 4.

Francis Lee is an active member of ASHRAE Singapore Chapter for the last 17 years. He is currently  serving as Chapter Regional Conference (CRC) Action Chair and served as Chapter President from 2012  to 2013.


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