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Innovative Construction Method - Productivity and Environmental

18th Nov 2020
7:00PM - 9:00PM -

STU (Structural) 2

Innovative Construction Method - Productivity and Environmental

2 STUs (Structural /2 PDUs for PEs and CEngs - Approved and Confirmed


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Steel construction products have been widely applied as structural walls such as quay wall, river revetment, retaining wall, or cofferdam as both permanent and temporary structure.

 In this presentation, the presenter will focus on the technical innovation of embedded earth retaining wall by using Hat-type steel sheet pile. Hat-type steel sheet pile can be combined with H-beam in order to increase the sectional performance and make it applicable under the condition of excavation depth around 15-20m. The construction period and the number of workers could be saved as compared with conventional methods. Thus, it can help to improve the construction productivity by taking advantage of the higher stiffness of Hat steel sheet pile technology. It is possible to select the cantilevered structure that contribute by saving in the construction period and costs. The field test on jacking press-in method for Hat and H-beam combined pile was conducted in order to realize low noise, vibration and to make it applicable.


Press in Method has become a vital construction technology as more construction projects happen in the urban area where noise and vibration are required to reduce to lessen the environmental impact in the area.

As result, silent piling method has been widely adopted in Sheet Piling Installation. Hat and H-beam combined pile is a game changing technology which can significantly improve construction cost and productivity when replaced for traditional concrete wall. However, there hasn’t been a press in machine which can install this profile.

Nippon Steel and Taiyo Asia have jointly developed to produce a Jacking Press in Machine and conducted a piling test. In addition, we encounter hard soil profile which is one of the biggest challenge for installing any Steel Piles. We have developed a large diameter soil loosening technology which will enable installation of Hat and H-Beam Combined Piles more efficiently and cost effectively. 

Hat and H-beam Combined Pile Jacking In machine and the associated supplemental construction method for hard soil profile will be discussed during the presentation.

At the current times, due to demands for high efficiency, performance and optimization of utilising assets, asset owners are struggling with managing the end of electrical asset life, operating the power network at manageable risk levels, and increasing the quality of service.

This requires a new framework for asset management which allows asset owners to have a better understanding and visibility of their assets, thus enabling appropriate decisions to be made in terms of the allocation of investments required to operate and manage their asset portfolio.

While international AM standards such as the ISO 55000 series provide an internationally accepted framework, terminology and structure, they do not propose industry-specific guidelines. Thus asset owners should incorporate the proper technical content in their asset management system when developing a roadmap and corresponding implementation plan.



Dr. Otsushi graduated from civil engineering course at Kyoto University, Japan, in 2002. He obtained his doctoral degree (Dr. Eng.) and engaged in Geotechnical, Earthquake, Disaster Prevention Engineering. Dr. Otsushi is currently a Senior Manager with Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Southeast Asia Pte, Ltd as civil engineer covering the region that includes Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and ASEAN Countries. He is in-charged of Research & Development, Market Development,  Technical Support of Steel Sheet Pile Technology, Design and Construction.


Ms. Charisse graduated with Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) in the University of Rizal System – Morong in 2014. In the same year, she obtained her license as a Registered Civil Engineer (RCE) in Philippines. Currently, she is working as a Civil Engineer under Nippon Steel Southeast Asia Pte. Ltd and in-charge of the design and technical support on steel sheet pile technology and the development of construction market in ASEAN countries such as Singapore and Philippines.


Mr. Nobuo Oi has been working in Singapore Construction Industry since 1983 for the first MRT project to provide pre-loading for strutting works and has been continuously involved in the construction industry for 37 years  and he in involved in the development of the Hat and H-beam combined pile jacking machine.

With his experience and expertise in Civil Engineering works, Taiyo Asia has been providing pile removal work, piling work, underpinning work and other jacking work. 


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