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12th - 13th Apr 2022
2:00PM - 5:45PM -

Fully booked
PDU (CEng) 6
STU (Structural) 6


Prestressed buildings offer various advantages as compared to the conventional reinforced concrete design, including lighter structural weight, better crack resistance and more cost effectiveness. Prestress design with post-tensioning has been commonly adopted for cast in-situ building structures in Singapore due to the above advantageous.

This training course explains the design fundamental of the prestressed structures with post-tensioning. During the course, the structural behaviour of prestressed buildings and their benefits are highlighted. The economical range for prestressed structures and the typical range of the reinforcement and tendon quantity are studied.

In the second part, the course explains the steps of designing a post-tensioned structure. This starts with the member sizing and the analysis of the structures; followed by the design of the tendon prestressing force at service state as well as the ultimate capacity of the prestressed structure at ultimate state. The basic principles for the calculation of prestress losses are demonstrated in detail.

This course also explains the analysis approach and design requirements for prestressed flat slabs and the prestressed transfer plates.

Course Outline

Introduction to Prestressed Structures  

  • Brief History of Prestressing
  • Reinforced Concrete vs Prestressed Concrete
  • Advantages of Prestressed Concrete
  • Prestress Structural System and Typical Applications
  • Economical Span Range and Typical Span/Depth Ratio
  • Types of Prestressing System
  • Pre-tension vs Post-Tension,
  • Bonded vs Un-bonded system
  • Prestressing system components and material specifications
  • Concrete Strength
  • PC Strands
  • Grout

Prestress Concrete Design  

  • Select Stress Limit
  • Member Sizing
  • Analysis of Structure
  • Prestressing Primary and Secondary Moment
  • Load Balancing Method
  • Select Prestress Force and Eccentricity (Tendon Geometry and Profile)
  • Allowable Stress Limit for Prestress Design (Flat Slab and Beam-Slab)
  • Calculate Prestress Losses
  • Immediate Losses
  • Long Term Losses
  • Check Deflection at SLS
  • Check Ultimate Moment of Resistance
  • Design for Shear
  • Design End Block (Bursting Reinf.)
  • Elongation Calculation

Analysis and Detailing of Prestressed Flat Slab  

  • Design Consideration and Framing for Prestressed Structures
  • Structural Modelling and Design Assumption for Prestressed Flat Slab
  • Detailing for Prestressed Concrete Design
  • Tendon arrangement, spacing and horizontal diversion to locally avoid opening
  • Un-tensioned Reinforcement bars (rebar)
  • Pourstrip (stressing strip) design
  • Detailing consideration at interface with conventional RC areas
  • Opening through flat slab and structural strengthening of prestressed structures

Design of Prestressed Transfer Plate

  • Construction of Prestressed Transfer Plate in Malaysia
  • Special Design Consideration of Prestressed Transfer Plate
  • Prestress Transfer Plate Sizing
  • Prestress Transfer Plate Modelling and Analysis
  • Prestress Transfer Plate Design
  • Allowable Stresses
  • Punching Shear Design
  • Interfacing Shear Design (Multi-layer casting) 

Prior to attending this course, you should:

  • Have a PC / laptop / tablet / smart phone with built-in or external webcam.
  • Installed the zoom client.
  • Have Wi-Fi / high speed internet connection available.
  • Receive an email with a link for you to submit a registration for webinar 1 week prior to the commencement.
  • Receive an email with a link and password for you to join the webinar session after your registration is successful.

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Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) - Supported

SkillsFuture Credit Funded - In Application, Pending for Approval 


6 STU (Structural)- Confirmed

6 PDU - Confirmed

COORDINATOR CONTACT NO.: (DID) 6461 1239, (MAIN LINE) 6463 9211


Course Fees is inclusive of GST.

E-Certificate of Attendance will be given to participants with 100% attendance and full course fee payment made.

For all individual paying participants (not sponsored by company), Must make payment 1 week before course date.

If payment is via cheque, the cheque should be made payable to IES ACADEMY PTE LTD and mail to 80 Jurong East Street 21, #04-10, Devan Nair Institute For Employment and Employability, Singapore 609607

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