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IES Virtual Classroom - Guide to Structural Steel, Stainless Steel & Aluminium for Construction Projects (15th Run)

15th Nov 2021
1:00PM - 7:00PM -

STU (Structural) 6
PDU (CEng) 5

Structural steel is still in demand for their high quality and productivity while stainless steel and aluminium has appealing qualities leading to an increasing use in the Construction Industry.


Structural Steel

Participants will have a better understanding on various corrosion methods on structural steel like hot dip galvanising, anti-corrosion paint & coating. Issues related to inspection, maintenance and repair of steel structures will also be discussed.

Stainless Steel

Participants will have a better understand the production & fabrication process and the available types of finishes offered by stainless steel.  They will also know the typical types of connections details as well as basic maintenance and cleaning of stainless steel elements.


Participants will be introduced to the history and manufacture of aluminium and its alloys.  The physical characteristics and common aluminium products and fabrication will also be discussed.  Basic design concepts for structural use of aluminium including heat affected zone and fatigue will be shared with participants.  The final portion of the programme explains the types of corrosion for such structures and the preventive measures.

Please click HERE for the course flyer.


6 STU (Structural) /5 PDU / 5 CEng PDU - (All To Be Confirmed)

Course Coordinator:

Mr. Spencer Soh

Coordinator Contact:

6463 4247

Coordinator email address:


Fee inclusive of GST.

Limited seats available (first-come-first -served basis).

E-Certificate of Attendance will be given to participants with 100% attendance.

If payment via Cheque, it should be made payable to: "IES Academy Pte Ltd"


Yet to be allocated
Ref: IESA-P0000001-740

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