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IES Virtual Classroom Material & Workmanship For Post-Tensioning Works And Legal Duties Underscoring The Construction Industry 3rd Run - Registration Closed

17th - 18th Jan 2023
1:00PM - 6:30PM -

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STU (Safety) 2
STU (Structural) 6

Due to Space limitation at website hence it only can show 1 timing however please note that this is a 2-day virtual course

Date : 17 & 18 Jan 2023, Tuesday & Wednesday

Time : 1.00pm to 6.30pm

Material & Workmanship For Post-Tensioning Works (6 Hours)


Post-tensioning works have been an important structural element for both buildings and bridges. To ensure the performance of the structure, engineers need to make sure the material and workmanship of the prestressing components are properly done at construction site. 

In the first part of the talk, the primary function of each component as well as the industry requirements on the materials for the post tensioning works will be explained. This includes the pc strands, post-tensioning anchorage system, sheath/ducts, grouts, and the requirements for tensioning and grouting apparatus. Besides that, the relevant material testing and their acceptance criteria will be discussed. 

In the second part, the talk will explain the construction of the post tensioning works at site and the QA/QC requirements on the workmanship. This will cover the tendon installation, inspection before concreting and tensioning works, supervision during concreting as well as the grouting works. During this talk, the engineering fundamental of using tendon elongation as part of the QA/QC work in the prestressed beam design will be explained. Along with this, participants will be shown how to analyse the tendon stressing records as well as the possible remedial work proposal for excessive positive or negative tendon elongations. On top of that, type of common site issues during tendon stressing and grouting works, and their possible contingency plans on how to handle these unlikely events will be discussed in the talk. 

1.    Introduction to Prestressed Structures 

2.    Material for Post-Tensioning Works 

3.    Workmanship for Post-Tensioning Works 

4.   Common Problems and Solutions for Post-Tensioning Works 

CV of Speaker

Ir. Dr. Low Hin Foo graduated from Monash University, Malaysia with a PhD(Structure). He graduated from University Malaya with an Honours degree in Civil Engineering.  Since then he has almost 20 years of design and construction experience in various types of bridges, as well as prestressed building structures both locally and abroad. He was the Technical Manager for prestressing specialist contractor, BBR Construction Systems (M) Sdn Bhd; and he is currently the Principal Engineer of a bridge consultancy firm in Singapore, OS Alliance Pte Ltd, and the Group Managing Director of OSD Consultants Group in Malaysia.

Ir. Dr. Low has vast experience in the design and construction of long span bridges using precast and cast in-situ prestressed segmental box girder (SBG) and he is familiar with the design of integral bridge with prestressed girders made continuous. Besides, he has huge design experience in the design of prestressed structures for large commercial projects and high-rise towers, particularly in handling the design of prestressed flat slab or flat plate systems with irregular column grids, including prestressed transfer plate and raft foundation as well as their lateral response with columns of high-rise buildings.

Legal duties underscoring the construction industry (4 Hours)


  • Learn about the latest amendments to the Building Control Act 2020
  • Understand the rationale behind the amendments and the scope
  • Gain an insight into the mechanics of contract law and its application to business functions
  • Understand frequently used contract terms and clauses

Course Outline/Outcomes

As professionals and businessmen, you are used to risk taking in projects and at the workplace. As risky as the building and construction sector may be, practitioners are sometimes faced with a different type of risk: LEGAL DUTIES

This module will equip participants with the necessary tools to understand and manage the safety standards and risks imposed on them under the law. This course will also benefit professionals (such as, Engineers &  RE/RTOs) involved in negotiating on and entering into contracts for consultancy agreements and construction work.

CV of Speaker

Ms Sangeetha Pusphanathan was called to the Singapore Bar in 2008 (Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore) after obtaining her law degree from the National University of Singapore in 2007 and also making it to the top 20 of the bar exams. She was also awarded the F.A. Chua Prize for the best student in criminal procedure during the bar exams. 

She is currently working as a data privacy lawyer for a multi-national company. Formerly, she held the role of Deputy General Counsel and was employed with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) where she has advised on and reviewed building control laws, prosecuted building control offences, and involved in legislative amendments to several BCA legislation. She also has private sector experience in both the petrochemical industry as well as banking and financial sector. 

With her sound knowledge of local laws, she conducted annual core competency legal training workshops for 6 years straight in BCA for engineers and staff on various aspects.

In her free time, Sangeetha hosts events and forums. 

Her natural vibrant personality, cheerful disposition and bevy of examples keep her workshops engaging, fun and a mark above the rest!

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