SCEM Training Programme


With effect from 22 April 2013, the Singapore government has introduced minimum energy management requirements for large industrial energy users that consume more than 15 GWh of energy each year or 1.29 kilotonnes of oil equivalent (ktoe). Energy management practices include the appointment of energy managers, reporting of energy use and submission of energy efficiency improvement plans for large energy users. 

The SCEM programme is designed for engineering professionals who intend to build their career as energy managers. It gives a thorough understanding of the key energy issues either in the building or industry sector. The programme will help the participants to develop the technical skills and competencies needed to manage and track energy usage within the organisations they serve.

A SCEM is envisioned as a competent energy professional equipped and qualified to perform technical and managerial functions in the areas of:
  • Energy audits, management and measurements
  • Energy retrofitting services
  • Financial advisor for energy efficiency measures and contracting
  • Consultation and Procurement services
  • Facility and energy management
  • Energy engineering works


You need to meet the criteria to register to SCEM Registry (Administered by IES) to be energy manager.

Main criteria below:




Education 2,000-word report Relevant Experience
(e.g. facilities / process engineer, M&E engineer, working in an ESCO)
SCEM Training
Professional IES Recognised Engineering Degree N/A 2 years
  • Pass 4 core modules and 2 elective modules within 3 years
Degree (Others) Required 3 years
  • Apply for SCEM certification within 5 years from the date the applicants pass the last training module
Engineering diploma issued by local polytechnics or the Building & Construction Authority Academy Required

5 years

8 years

  • Hold a managerial position
  • Candidate must first pass an interview with the SCEM Registry Committee before attempting the SCEM exam
  • Pass 4 core modules and 2 elective modules within 3 years
  • Apply for SCEM certification within 5 years from the date the applicants pass the last training module

Please click for detailsSCEM Registry
For any further query on SCEM Registry, please email to


Professional level SCEM training focuses on the theory and practice of energy management, energy efficiency and analysis, procurement, finance and economics. The training aims to develop competency in energy audit works, energy performance contracting and project management, energy efficiency analysis, energy economics and financial assessment. Participants will eventually identify saving potentials and make sound recommendations and proposals.

IES Academy currently offers certifiable SCEM training at the Professional level. Other than conducting SCEM courses, IES Academy also helps applicants to apply for and claim SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) Funding (for both individuals and company-sponsored applicants).

*SSG Funding Guide (As of 30 Sep 2022 - subject to SSG T&Cs and updates; and prevailing GST rate)

PROGRAMME: Singapore Certified Energy Manager (SCEM)
  Self-funded Company-sponsored
  Singapore Citizens (SC) Singapore PRs Enhanced Training Support for SMEs
PMET Up to 50% of course fees Up to 50% of course fees Up to 70% of course fees
SCs aged ≥ 40 years old  Up to 70% of course fees N/A N/A


Scenario 1: Self-funded (1 module - EME) with 50% SSG Funding
Full module fee (inclusive of 8% GST) Nett fee payable before class commencement Balance to be paid by participant
(Should he / she fail the module)
$900 (module fee) + $72 (GST) = $972 $450 (50% of module fee) + $72 (GST charged on full module fee) = $522 $450

Invoice (Nett fee)
Course Fee [before GST - Applicable Grant + GST (8% of the full course fee)] = Nett fee

For those who are interested in SSG Funding, please

  1. Fill and sign the SCEM course registration form
  2. Attach supporting documents – a copy of NRIC, CV, academic qualifications (Degree) 

and email to

SCEM Professional Examination is held twice a year:
February / March and August / September.
Exam fee of $80.00 (excl GST) per module is payable during exam registration


Please call 6463 9211 or email us at for any query.



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