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JTC partners Lendlease in developing a digital platform for the built environment sector to automate and optimise design processes

Lendlease[1] has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with JTC to jointly research and develop a digital platform for Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD). IDD is a curated set of tools that leverage computational design to automate design processes, optimise design and enable Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) methods in construction projects.

DfMA involves designing and manufacturing construction parts in off-site controlled environments before being assembled on-site. This is in line with Singapore’s Construction Industry Transformation Map to improve quality and productivity in the built environment sector.

Achieving higher productivity and accelerating push towards greater digital automation in the industry

This collaboration will leverage Lendlease Podium[2] to create designs and building components which encourage the industry to move towards achieving higher productivity and adopting more advanced building techniques.

This will help accelerate the delivery of JTC’s industrial buildings and developments. With the combined expertise of both parties, it will fast track the push towards digital transformation of the built environment sector and bring us one step closer towards achieving automation in the industry.

Under the MOU, JTC joins Lendlease Podium’s Singapore Manufacturing Experience (MX) Studio, a collaborative research and design center specialising in the design of building components and systems for DfMA.

MX Studio collaborates across the supply chain to define the design of products and systems which enables DfMA right from the earliest stages of building design. By co-designing and prototyping solutions with manufacturers, JTC and Lendlease aim to encourage the built environment sector to adopt advanced construction methods and materials.

Announced last year, Lendlease has also established a Product Development Center in Singapore with the support of the Economic Development Board (EDB) to accelerate the digital transformation of the property and construction sector. The Singapore PDC is the melting pot of key expertise in software engineering, QA engineering, back-end and front-end development, DevSecOps, data security, product architecture, cloud and UI/UX design.

Mr Justin Gabbani, Chief Executive Officer, Asia, Lendlease, said: “We are pleased to share our digitalisation expertise with JTC and support their digital transformation objectives through Lendlease Podium. This partnership not only underscores our commitment to create value together with our partners for our community to thrive, but is also an opportunity to strengthen our digital capabilities and ability to deliver our pipeline globally.”

Mr Heah Soon Poh, JTC Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Engineering and Operations Group, said: “JTC is looking forward to partnering Lendlease in co-creating solutions that accelerate the digitalisation of the Built Environment sector. By lending our guidance and facilities for testbeds and pilots, we hope to spur new digital solutions that can ultimately benefit the entire Built Environment sector to build and operate digitally.”

[1] The MOU is signed between JTC and Lendlease Digital Asia, a business unit under the Lendlease Group. Lendlease launched the Podium Property Lifecycle Platform in 2020. Its Singapore Product Development Centre and MX Studio is part of the wider Lendlease Digital ecosystem, which includes product development centres in Silicon Valley, Sydney and MX Studios in Milan, Silicon Valley and Sydney.

[2] Lendlease Podium, a portfolio of digital products and services to simplify the complex interdependence in each stage of the property development lifecycle, is designed to address the industry’s challenges that include improving design, raising construction productivity, avoiding development project delays and budget overruns, as well as managing and optimising value of assets over the long term.

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