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Innosparks and Temasek Foundation launch new AIR+ Kids Protective Mask System

Innosparks, an ST Engineering Open Innovation Lab, and Temasek Foundation today jointly announced the launch of AIR+ Kids, a first-of-its-kind mask system combining an N95 mask with an attachable ventilator, for young children aged three to six years old.

Developed with the support of Temasek Foundation, AIR+ Kids addresses a market gap for comfortable respiratory protection for young children between three and six years of age. Scientifically developed and engineered to fit the smaller facial profiles and respiratory patterns of young children, AIR+ Kids - which comprises an N95 Kids Mask and a reusable Nano Fan (an attachable ventilator) - is tested and benchmarked to meet both EN 149:2001+A1:2009 (European) and NIOSH N95 (American) standards, providing protection against the haze, PM2.5 particles, bacteria and viruses. AIR+ Kids is an extension of Innosparks’ existing range of AIR+ respiratory masks for the family which provide proven protection for adults and children aged seven years and upwards.

Mr Gareth Tang, Senior Vice President, Technology, and Head of Innosparks, ST Engineering said, “Having the right mask size and fit is critical to ensure that the mask performs its function, but the market currently does not offer adequate options in respiratory protection for young children aged three to six. Young children are also more sensitive to air pollution, noise and discomfort. Hence in addition to providing protection against the haze and other airborne contaminants, we have incorporated more child-friendly features and materials to enhance comfort and ease of use.”

New Child-Friendly Innovations in AIR+ Kids

AIR+ Kids leverages the science and proven technology of Innosparks’ AIR+ respiratory masks. Extensive field studies and fit-tests involving over 350 children aged three to six were conducted to gather and analyse facial data, resulting in several new, child-friendly innovations in AIR+ Kids. These include:

  • A 3D True-Fit mask shape that wraps around the face to provide an effective seal;
  • Wide and stretchable Flexi-Strap ear loops that minimise pressure on the ears, with a tear-to-adjust feature that allows a more precise fit;
  • A smaller, lighter and quieter Nano Fan which adds almost no weight to the mask at just 13 grams. When switched on, it operates at only 45 decibels, the equivalent of a soft whisper.

“AIR+ Kids brings respiratory protection for children to a whole new level, and illustrates how innovation and engineering can come together to create breakthrough products that solve real-world problems and benefit our communities,” added Mr Tang.

Mr Lim Hock Chuan, Chief Executive, Temasek Foundation Ecosperity said, “Temasek Foundation champions sustainability and supports the development of solutions that improve liveability. We are happy that the AIR+ Kids product is now available as an option for families to protect their vulnerable younger children when they are outdoors facing the haze or other air pollutants. Temasek Foundation will continue to support and bring innovative research from the laboratory and into the marketplace and the community to enhance our quality of life.”

As part of the launch, AIR+ Fun Packs comprising an AIR+ N95 Kids Mask, flash cards, an activity book among others, will be distributed to children aged three to six who are currently enrolled at PCF Sparkletots preschools in the Tampines West constituency, to educate them on the importance of good respiratory health and protection.

Since its launch in 2015, the award-winning AIR+ respiratory masks have been well-received by consumers locally and in overseas markets such as China and India.

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