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Schneider Electric launches Jumpstart Automation Package targeting SMEs

Schneider Electric, global leader in energy transformation, has launched the SME Jumpstart Automation Package that comes with a wide range of applications, from providing tool change instructions at a manufacturing line to obtaining live alarms and data from process and machines.

Automation is one of the biggest step-changes in the manufacturing industry, Singapore’s largest industry by far which contributes 22% of the country’s annual GDP in 2018. SMEs contribute just short of S$200 billion to the Singaporean economy, accounting for around two-thirds of all employment. This new era of digitization brings about numerous opportunities in terms of growth and efficiency.

However, for many SMEs in Singapore, there are still many challenges in crossing the digital divide. Half the time spent on maintenance involves finding information, and only the remaining 50% has been devoted to actual intervention on the equipment. In addition, automation need to be cost effective and scalable to meet the varying needs of SMEs. Schneider Electric’s automation package engages augmented reality and cloud-based monitoring to fill existing gaps, providing effective integration and scalability for SMEs to start their automation journey.

Vice-President of Industry Automation for Schneider Electric Singapore and Malaysia, Urvil Modi says: “Acceptance and adoption of automation technology amongst SMEs require not just a review of existing operations, but a consistent and concerted effort to drive adoption of these solutions. At Schneider Electric, we see ourselves as an enabler for SMEs to take their first step in automation. A scalable automation package is important to help SMEs ensure that their transformation process is sustainable.”

The Jumpstart Automation Package aims to deliver the following benefits for SMEs:
• Use augmented reality to find critical information faster and gain the ability to open the electrical cabinet doors virtually to avoid unnecessary machine downtime.
• Prepare the organization for workforce transformation and digital workforce by leveraging on digital learning tools.
• Track machines in operation remotely and monitor performance data while reducing support costs by up to 50%.

Bob Gill, General Manager, Southeast Asia, ARC Advisory Group says: “Support from technology suppliers with the requisite expertise and solution portfolio remains a crucial enabler in the SME automation journey, and it is very encouraging to see global companies like Schneider Electric providing opportunities for local SMEs in the drive towards digitalization.”

Schneider Electric’s Jumpstart Automation Package is being unveiled at the SME Go Automation Singapore event held on 21st August. Featuring industry experts from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), TÜV SÜD PSB and ARC Advisory, the initiative brings together insights from the ecosystem to support SMEs in navigating challenges and opportunities in the era of digitalization. Local SMEs Sanwa Plastic and Servoconnect Systems will also share their automation journey and experiences.

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