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IES Green Plan 2030 launched at 56th Annual Dinner

Dear Members

The IES 56th Annual Dinner on 17 January 2023 saw the launch of the IES Green Plan 2030, marking a significant milestone in our institution’s journey to support the Singapore Green Plan 2030.

Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, and I launched the plan with the project team and advisors, in the presence of more than 1,200 guests.

We would like to leverage the IES Green Plan 2030 to drive greater action and inculcate a strong sustainability mindset amongst our engineers to advance Singapore’s sustainable development agenda. Through the plan, we will also enhance collaborations between IES and the agencies and the industry in areas such as professional development through training and upskilling in sustainability.

In conjunction with the launch of the IES Green Plan, SkillsFuture Singapore has also released the Jobs-Skills Quarterly Insights (JSQI) in partnership with IES. The publication reveals the suite of green skills identified to be highly sought after by employers for engineering work related to sustainable practices. The top skills are energy management audit, sustainable engineering and environmental sustainability management.

JSQI also observed jobs-skills trends in engineering roles, especially the emergence of newer “green” roles such as solar PV engineer and energy sustainability engineer. These roles require our engineers to be well versed in the development of emerging clean technologies, harnessing clean energy, IoT application, programming & coding, and big data analytics, among others. I encourage our engineers to refer to JSQI to upskill yourselves to tap on the vast opportunities in the sustainability space.

Climate change is an existential threat to humankind and we must act immediately. Engineers play an indispensable role in tackling the widespread impact of climate change. It is up to us, engineers to innovate and design solutions to protect the world’s physical, biological and human systems. As engineers, we can contribute to the goals set in the Singapore Green Plan and other environmental blueprints by the government with our expertise, innovations and creative solutions.

The IES Green Plan is a bold, yet necessary plan to act as a springboard for future green initiatives and inspire more engineers to step forward to contribute to Singapore’s green aspirations. I call upon all members to share your insights and experience with us as we roll out various initiatives and activities under the IES Green Plan.

To find out more about the IES Green Plan 2030, scan the QR code above or click HERE.
To understand more about the green skills in demand, read the JSQI HERE.
In this new lunar year, I would also like to wish everyone a healthy, joyous and bountiful Year of the Rabbit! 
Dalson Chung
IES President


Collection of IES Desk Calendar 2023

The IES Desk Calendar 2023 is now ready for collection! Members may do so from 9.30am - 12.30pm and 2.00pm - 5.30pm, Mon - Fri (excluding public holidays) at either IES and IES Academy. 

Each member is entitled to one copy of the calendar, while stocks last. Kindly have your membership details ready for verification before collecting the calendar.

Thank you and happy holidays!

IES-INCA Activities
Short Courses/Events
1. Finance Masterclass for Engineering & Tech Venture Leaders (2nd Run): 7 Feb 2023 (Tue), 9.00am - 5.30pm

This course helps our Engineering and Tech Venture Leaders gain essential and practical knowledge of running your Engineering and Technology Business to better plan your growth, manage your finances, your business risks and compliance effectively. Our trainer is IES-INCA Mentor Mr Eric Tan, who has extensive years of experience in corporate finance management, audit, investment, training and mentoring companies.
Sign up here:
*Early bird signups get 10% off course fees! Offer ends 27 Jan.


2. Critical Thinking for Engineers (4th Run): 10 Feb 2023 (Fri), 9.00am - 5.30pm

Established as an essential skill in the 21st century, critical thinking is extremely important to our work as Engineers, Technopreneurs, CTOs and so on in navigating the complex world with multiple sources of information to analyse.  Cut through the noise and make sound business and engineering decisions with Mr Jeremy Peh who has trained thousands of professionals across more than 200 companies over his 30-year career. 

Sign up here:

*Early bird signups get 10% off course fees! Offer ends 27 Jan.


3. Webinar: Forging Partnerships between Portuguese and Singaporean Startups: 16 Feb 2023 (Thu), 5.30pm - 7.00pm

Hear from and network with leaders in Portugal's startup space about the opportunities and assistance available for companies looking to set up there. At the same time, speakers from Singapore will also share insights on their own startup journey, and tips on expanding into the ASEAN market.

Sign up here:
IES / IESA CPD Courses & Events
Date   Event   CPD Points

9 Feb (Thu)
1830 - 2130
Schneider Electric Innovation Talk: Partnership for Sustainable Future

2 PDU (PE, CEng)



14 Feb (Tue)
0900 - 1630
Cracks in Concrete - Causes, Prevention, Inspection & Rectification QSS (57th Run) [IESA]
6 STU (Struct)

6 PDU (PE, CEng) (TBC)

21 Feb (Tue)
1300 - 1730
Half Day Course on Professional Conduct and Ethics for Professional Engineers (10th Run) [IESA]
4 PDU (PE, CEng)

23 Feb (Thu)
0900 - 1730
IES Prep Course for PPE Part 2 - Civil Engineering (Module 2) Conceptual Design for Structure [IESA]
6 STU (Struct)
6 PDU (PE, CEng)
(All TBC)


16 Feb (Thu)
0900 - 1315
Approved Code of Practice on Chief Executives and Board of Directors WSH Duties (1st Run) [IESA]
4 PDU (PE, CEng)

STU (Safety) (TBC)

2, 7, 9 Mar
1800 - 2115
IES Prep Course for PPE Part 2 - Mechanical Engineering - Pressure Vessels and Steam Piping (2nd Run)[IESA]
9 PDU (PE, CEng) (TBC)

8 Mar (Tue)
0900 - 1730
IES Prep Course for PPE Part 2 - Civil Engineering (Module 3) Regulatory Requirements, Act & Regulations Conceptual Design for Civil Work & Underground Building Work [IESA]
6 STU (Struct)
6 PDU (PE, CEng)
(All TBC)









1. Amendments to Code of Practice on Buildability to remove requirement to obtain in-principle acceptance from the Building Innovation Panel for Prefabricated Bathroom Unit (PBU) and Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) Systems
Other Industry Events

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