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Singapore World Water Day 2023
Dear Members

On March 22, as part of Singapore’s World Water Day activities, the IES Secretariat turned up in blue to remind ourselves and each other to use water wisely. Posters on water facts and tips on saving water have been placed in our washrooms and pantry to raise awareness amongst ourselves, as well as our visitors.

As part of our Eco-Office and IES Green Plan commitments, we are working towards reducing our average monthly water consumption by at least 2 per cent by 2024 (based on 2019 figures).

22 March is World Water Day. Observed since 1993, World Water Day highlights the importance of fresh water and sustainable management of water resources. For Singapore, a small island nation, water is a critical strategic resource and every effort has been made by PUB and its partners to protect our water security over the past 60 years.

Everyone has a part to play in ensuring sustainable use and management of our water resources! This month, there are more than 200 activities and deals nationwide as part of Singapore World Water Day!

Check them out

Participate in the National Engineers Day - Engineering Innovation Challenge 2023!
Sign-ups NOW OPEN

Calling all students from secondary schools, junior colleges, Institutes of Technical Education (ITEs), polytechnics, and universities - Sign-ups are now open for YOU to take part in the Engineering Innovation Challenge (EIC) 2023!
Form a team of up to five (depending on category) to take part!

Through the theme, Engineering for Resilient City Living, you will be tasked to design or invent a product to demonstrate your understanding of the given problem statement. This will enable you to gain deeper insight into how engineering is integral in building liveable, resilient and sustainable urban environments, develop your engineering / prototyping skills through creative design.

Sign up today!
For more information, click HERE.

Note: Registration closes on 23 April 2023 or when all available slots are filled. For more information or enquiries, please email pco@iesnet.org.sg.

IES Membership Promotion Drive 2023

IES is having a membership promotion drive from now till the end of April 2023, where new applicants can enjoy 50% off subscription fees for the first year, plus a waiver of the admin and entrance fees when they sign up as a new member!

Feel free to spread this to network who are undecided about joining as an IES member and applying for Chartered Engineer certification!

For more information, please click HERE.

IES-INCA Activities
Short Courses/Events
 1. Critical Thinking for Engineers with Mr Jeremy Peh (Master Coach for Critical Thinking) (5th Run):
19 Apr 2023 (Wed), 9.00am - 5.30pm

Established as an essential skill in the 21st Century, Critical Thinking is ever more important to our work as Engineers, Technopreneurs, and Chief Technology Officers (CTO) in navigating the complex world where we are given multiple sources of information to analyse. Cut through the info and make sound business and engineering decisions with Mr Jeremy Peh who has trained thousands of professionals across 200 over companies in his 30+ years career. 

Sign up here: https://bit.ly/critical-thinking-apr2023
*Early bird signups get 10% off course fees! Offer ends 7 Apr.


 2. Supercharge your Engineering Sales with our course on Technical Selling to the Engineering Industry (4th Run):
26 Apr 2023 (Tue), 9.00am - 5.30pm

Calling all Technopreneurs, Sales Engineers, Technology Business Development Managers, Chief Marketing Officers - are you struggling to grow your engineering practice or technology venture top line revenue numbers? Discover how you can better position your sales team and process to enable better adoption of your engineering and technology products and services in the market. Our trainer is IES-INCA Mentor Mr Leong Siew Why, who has extensive years of experience in helping engineering start-ups and companies commercialise their innovations, products, and services.

Sign up here: https://bit.ly/technicalselling_r4
*Early bird signups get 10% off course fees! Offer ends 14 Apr.


3. Retaining & Developing Talents in the Engineering Industry - Featuring Effective Strategies: 8 May 2023 (Mon), 9.00am - 5.00pm

This is a one-day workshop that provides Engineering Business Owners / Engineering Managers / Engineers insights on how to introduce, develop and retain talents for their Engineering business. Hear from our fellow Engineer and experienced HR practitioner Mr Leong Siew Why on how you can implement better HR systems to manage your talent. 

Sign up here: https://bit.ly/talent-may2023
*Early bird signups get 10% off
course fees! Offer ends 21 Apr.


 4. Finance Masterclass for Engineering & Tech Venture Leaders (3rd Run): 10 May 2023 (Fri), 9.00am - 5.30pm

This course helps our Engineering Leaders and Tech Venture Leaders gain the essential and practical knowledge of running your Engineering and Technology Business to better plan your growth, manage your finances, your business risks and compliance effectively. Our trainer is IES-INCA Mentor Mr Eric Tan who has extensive years of experience in corporate finance management, audit, investment, training and mentoring companies. Sharpen your finance knowledge to better plan your company growth and projects finance planning.

Sign up here: https://bit.ly/finance-may2023
*Early bird signups get 10% off course fees! Offer ends 21 Apr.
IES / IESA CPD Courses & Events
Date   Event   CPD Points
 31 Mar (Fri)
 1230 - 1700
  [Webinar] Fundamental Concepts for Construction Site Safety - Part 2 (15th Run) [IESA]  
2 STU (Safety)
4 PDU (PE)

(All TBC)

 31 Mar (Fri)
 1330 - 1730
Half-day Workshop on the new Eurocode 2 - Part 4: SS EN 1992-4 Design of Fastenings for Use in Concrete [IES-IStructE]
  PDU (PE,  CEng) (TBC)
 4 - 5 Apr
 1300 - 1830
  Piling Works, Design & Testing Following Eurocodes and Safety and Your Legal Obligations (12th Run)  
2 STU (Safety)
6 STU (Struct)

10 PDU (PE,  CEng) (TBC)

 12 Apr (Wed)
 1400 - 1730
  Code of Practice for Fire Precautions in Rapid Transit System  
3 STU (M&E)

PDU (PE, CEng)
(All TBC)


14 Apr (Wed)
 1400 - 1530

  Launch of NEW Technical References in railway - TR 94 : 2021, TR 98 : 2021 and TR 107 : 2022  
PDU (PE, CEng)
(All TBC)

 24 Apr (Mon)
 0900 - 1400
  IES Prep Course for PPE Exam Part 1 - "What" and "How" Approach (Common Paper - Professional Conduct & Ethics) [IESA]  
4 PDU (PE,  CEng) 

 24 - 26 Apr
 0900 - 1700
  IES Prep Course - A Comprehensive and Instructional Three-Days Training Course on SS638 [IESA]  
18 PDU (PE,  CEng) 
9 May (Tue)
0900 - 1730
  ABC Water Professionals Course - Core Module CU2 (15th Run) [IESA]  
5 PDU (PE,  CEng) 

12 May (Fri)
1400 - 1730

  Sustainable Energy for Sustainable Transportation    PDU (PE,  CEng) (TBC)

12 May (Fri)
1300 - 1715

  IES Virtual Classroom - Design for Safety in Construction (22nd Run) [IESA]  
2 STU (Safety)
4 PDU (PE,  CEng)


17 May (Wed)
0900 - 1730

  Green and Sustainable Construction  
STU (Struct)
PDU (PE, CEng)
(All TBC)

1. Revised Seal Design for Specialist Professional Engineers 
2. Transport Infrastructure Collaboration Panel (TICP) to Deepen Partnerships and Achieve Win-Win Outcomes

3. Lodgement Scheme Expanded to Allow Lodgement of Layout Plan for Farm Developments

4. Submission of Transport Impact Assessment (TIA) Via CORENET and Sharing of Data for TIA 
5. Reminder: Compliance with Building Layout Related Requirements in SS 550:2020

6. Basic Accessibility in Existing Non-Barrier-Free Buildings

7. Adoption of the Code on Periodic Energy Audit of Building Cooling System (Edition 4.0)

8. New Edition of Technical Guideline for Land Traffic Noise Impact Assessment
9. Revision to PUB's Standard Drawing on Manhole on Slope (Revised Drawing No.: PUB/WRN/STD/011)

10. (A) Phasing-Out Of Sale And Supply Of Copper Alloy Grades CW602N, CW709R AND CC491K Water Fittings For Potable Water For use and (B) New Copper Alloy Water Fittings Acceptable For Potable Water Use And The Testing Requirements

11. Updated Stipulated Standards & Requirements For Metallic Materials In Contact With Water For Supply To Water Service Installations
12. Technical Requirements For Household Shelters 2023

13. Amendments To Fire Code 2018 - 12th Batch Of Amendments
Other Industry News / Events

The Architects Academy: SIA Building Contracts 2016 - Sessions 1 to 4
26 Apr, 5 May, 10 May, 19 May 2023, 2.00pm to 7.00pm


The SIA New Contracts Committee has recently updated a suite of standard form building contracts based on the historical suite of standard form contracts used by SIA for nearly 40 years. The SIA Building Contract 2016 course looks to impart knowledge of the new suite of standard form contracts (in particular, the Design & Build contract) to the architectural community to bring the practice of building contract administration up to date, and in line with the current industry practice.

Participants will get familiar with the SIA Building Contract 2016 - the foundational tools for building contract administration and accumulate expertise to improve their administration of building contracts.


For more information, click HERE.


[WEBINAR] Construction Insurance & Bonds in Singapore: A Legal Overview
11 May (Thu), 2.00pm - 5.00pm 

The webinar will cover both the practical and legal aspects of insurance and bonds pertaining to construction projects, case law developments, and workmen’s compensation/CAR /public liability/medical and hospitalisation benefits for construction projects.

Hear from Mr Christopher Chuah, President of Chartered Institute of Building Singapore (CIOB) & Partner at WongPartnership LLP, and Mr Sean Tan, Financial Services Director at Great Eastern Financial Advisers Pte Ltd.


Click here to register.
For more information, click HERE.

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