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Announcements, Events, and News
[WEBINAR] IES-INCA Entrepreneur Series - Secrets to a Fast Growing Venture: 21 Sep 2020 (Mon), 11.00am - 12.30pm
Kicking off the IES-INCA Entrepreneur Series of webinars is Dustin Onghanseng, the CEO and Co-founder of uHoo, an air quality monitoring and management solutions provider. In his talk, Dustin will share his entrepreneurship journey, fundraising experience, key learnings for hardware / software solution entrepreneurs, and some other considerations for entrepreneurs working on hardware / software integration products.
For more information and to register, click HERE.
[VIRTUAL EVENT] EMBS Singapore Symposium 2020: 9 Oct 2020 (Thu), 9.00am - 4.30pm
This symposium aims to update, refresh and as well as highlight advances in the practice of Engineering in Medicine and Biology from a multidisciplinary approach. 

There will also be a new segment for student abstract competition this year as a platform for aspiring students to showcase their innovations in this field of engineering in Medicine and Biology.

For more information and to register, please click HERE.
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CPD Courses & Events
Date   Event   CPD Points

Registrations end 23 Oct
[E-LEARNING] Introduction to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Engineers

2 PDU (PE, IES CEng) 

12 Sep (Sat)
1000 - 1200

[WEBINAR] Water Control in Rock Engineering
STU (Struct)
(All TBC)


18 Sep (Fri)
0900 - 1700

One Day Course on Infrastructure Planning for Township/Large-scale Housing Developments (37th Run)
6 STU (Struct)
6 PDU (PE, IES CEng)


21 - 22 Sep
0900 - 1245

[WEBINAR] Scaffold Design Basics and Safety (19th Run)
2 STU (Safety)
3 STU (Struct)
6 PDU (PE)



23 - 28 Sep
Refer to flyer

Certificate in Facade Inspection (1st Run)
12 STU
23 PDU (PE)
(All TBC)


28 - 29 Sep
1330 - 1700

[WEBINAR] The need for good risk management at project sites and the technical application of construction insurance (11th Run)

2 STU (Safety)
3 STU (Struct)
6 PDU (PE, IES CEng)

(All TBC)


29 Sep (Tue)
1430 - 1745

[WEBINAR] Piling Works, Standards and Specification (1st Run)
3 STU (Struct)
3 PDU (PE)
(All TBC)


30 Sep (Wed)
1330 - 1745

[WEBINAR] Security of Payment Act: Know your rights and obligations (1st Run)


2 STU (Safety)
4 PDU (PE, IES CEng)

(All TBC)


1 Oct (Thu)
1500 - 2200

Increasing Productivity: New Developments in Construction Methods & Materials (13th Run)
6 STU (Struct)
6 PDU (PE, IES CEng)

(All TBC)


2 Oct (Fri)
1600 - 1830

[WEBINAR] Workplace Safety and Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
STU (Safety)
(All TBC)


5 Oct (Mon)
1830 - 2130

Fundamental Concepts for Construction Site Safety (Part 1) (8th Run)
2 STU (Struct)
3 PDU (PE, IES CEng)
(All TBC)

Other News / Events

Automated Railways Interactive Webinar:
17 Sep & 8 Oct 2020 (0900 - 1030 UTC+0)


This seminar will explore opportunities and issues related to railway automation on existing and new systems, and draw out lessons from projects that have introduced it.
For more information, please click HERE.

To register, please click HERE.

P.S.: Apply the discount code IESjWd4r755xQNN during registration to enjoy the
IRSE member rate of GBP 80 for this webinar!


[WEBINAR] Catalyst of COVID-19 for Future Smart FM: 
9 Oct 2020 (Fri), 3.00pm - 5.00pm

This event is organised by RICS SEA in collaboration with REDAS, and is supported by IES.

This webinar will examine how COVID-19 has acted as a catalyst for the acceleration of Smart Facilities Management through the integration of processes, systems, technologies and people to enhance the performance of building facilities. How the sector can move forward in the new COVID-19 economy will also be discussed.

IES members stand to enjoy the preferential rate of $58.85 for this seminar.
For more information, please click HERE.


[WEBINAR] Building a Food Resilient Future - Technical Requirements for Farm Development: 13 Oct 2020 (Tue), 3.00pm - 5.00pm

Organised by the Singapore Food Agency and Enterprise Singapore, this webinar aims to provide QPs and relevant professionals with an understanding of the growing local agri-food / tech sector and its opportunities. The key agencies involved in farm development will share the regulatory requirements and plan submission guidelines. Participants can also share their knowledge about new trends that could transform future farms. 

The webinar programme can be found HERE.
To register, please click HERE.


Smart Chilled Water Pumping System - Designing for Maximum Efficiency Course: 15 - 16 Oct 2020, 9.00am - 5.00pm

This course is good for engineers who already have basic knowledge and experience in air-conditioning system design, and would like to gain deeper understanding on how the dynamic characteristics of components and chilled water affect the overall energy efficiency of cooling systems

Click HERE for the course flyer and HERE for the timetable.


SGUS Specialisation Courses from A*STAR's SIMTech

The SGUnited Skills (SGUS) programme is a full-time Train & Place programme of nine months duration. SIMTech's Knowledge Transfer Office has seven certifiable course specialisations. They are also the only training provider with 4 SGUS specialisations that offers trainees with a Graduate Diploma in Precision Engineering upon completion.

For more information, 
click HERE.

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