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Announcements, Events, and News
Government-announced COVID-19 Support / Relief Measures
In the wake of economic impact brought about by COVID-19, the Government has announced several support / relief measures to help Singaporeans and their businesses during this period. A list of such measures and information resources has been compiled below, which we hope you will find useful:

1. Financial support to help Singaporeans affected by COVID-19 (
2. Updated business advisories and support for businesses (EDB)
Employee-related support measures and schemes (MOM)
COVID-19 Support Measures and Tax Guidance (IRAS)
5. COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020 (MinLaw)
Monetary Authority of Singapore's Response to COVID-19 (MAS)
[WEBINAR] Testing Your Next
Business Venture - How to Test New Business
Ideas the Startup Way with Live Case Studies:
26 May 2020 (Tue), 5.00pm - 6.30pm

Calling all Engineers, SME Engineering and Technology Companies Management Leaders!
In this webinar, our speaker will show you how to apply the methods used by top startups and corporate incubators so that you can improve your company’s responsiveness to disruption, reduce the risk and cost of launching new ventures, and create better performing products that your customers have already shown they want to buy!

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IES-INCA appointed by Enterprise Singapore as Accredited Mentor Partner

IES-INCA was appointed by Enterprise Singapore as one of its 14 new Accredited Mentor Partners (AMPs), with the appointment taking effect on 1 May. AMPs are part of the statutory board's Startup SG Founder scheme, which aims to help groom local startups.

IES-INCA was selected based on the quality of its programmes, the strength of its management teams and its operational sustainability. Read more HERE.

For more information on incubation with IES-INCA, click HERE. You may also email with your queries.
Courses / Seminars / Talks / Workshops
Date   Event   Points

13 May - 30 Oct
[E-LEARNING] Introduction to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Engineers

2 PDU (PE, IES CEng) 

21 May (Thu)
0900 - 1700

[WEBINAR] Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Engineers
5 PDU (PE) 

22 May (Fri)
0900 - 1200

[WEBINAR] Internet of Things for Engineers

28 May (Thu)
1430 - 1700

[WEBINAR] Electric Circuit Breaker: How to Make Change for Another Make or Brand
(All TBC) 


29 May (Fri)
1330 - 1800

[WEBINAR] Implementing Effective {re-Construction Review (GUIDE 3) for Greater Site Productivity (1st Run)
2 STU (Safety)
3 PDU (PE, IES CEng)


2 Jun (Tue)
0900 - 1715

[WEBINAR] Advanced Structural Concrete Design (4th Run)
6 STU (Struct)
7 PDU (PE, IES CEng)


2 Jun (Tue)
0900 - 1315

[WEBINAR] Noise Pollution and Vector-Borne Diseases as Environmental Health Concerns from Construction Sites (6th Run)
  2 STU (Safety)
4 - 5 Jun
0900 - 1245
[WEBINAR] Scaffold Design Basics and Safety (17th Run)


2 STU (Safety)
3 STU (Struct)

6 Jun (Sat)
0900 - 1215
[WEBINAR] Module 4 Construction of Underground & Related Structures - Tunnelling (1st Run)
3 STU (Struct)
3 PDU (PE, IES CEng)
(All TBC)

Other News / Events
[WEBINAR] ACES-BCA Digital Delivery Webinar 2.0: 21 May 2020 (Thu), 11.00am - 12.30pm

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